Guide Sign In Micro workers

Guide Sign In Micro workers


 There are so many ways to make money through Internet. We do not always have to have a website or blog to start making money via the Internet. One of the best alternative to earn a living without having to have their own website is Micro workers. But we need to know first what it is Micro workers.

   Micro workers is a site that connects people who need help (Employers) and those who provide assistance (Workers). Employers provide job / jobs can be done by the Workers. Workers of the work that will earn a commission. In Micro workers you can be able to Workers and Employers. So you can give the job to someone else or the person doing the work to earn money.

There are a lot of work to be done in Micro workers. You have a website or blog that could sell links. For who do not have a blog, there is still much work to be done. For example, if you will be paid to comment on an article, copy the article, register on a site, make a short article, comment on forums and much more. All that can be done in minutes. Try to work in accordance with the time available and complete. Because if they do not fit the time you will not be paid.

The most interesting, is you also earn income when inviting others to join in this Micro workers amount $ 1 per referral. Not only that, we were free to sign up immediately get $ 1 well. Just register ONLY!
For payment will be using a check, Pay pal, Money Booker, and Alert Pay. But more interest is through Pay pal. What is the Minimum Payment / Pay Out of Micro workers? Minimum pay is $ 9 + Tanya Fee (fee). Depending on the type of payout. When using a check, Fanya was 4.5%, 6% Pay pal, Alert Pay Money Booker and 6.5%. So when you use Pay pal then your minimum payout is $ 10.6.
Interested can free money from Micro workers? Simply register now.

Follow the guidelines below to register.
A. Please visit the website Micro workers Or click here.
2. Select Register For Free
3. Fill in your Personal Data.
4. Link activation information will be sent to your email.:
5. Log In. Click on the Available Jobs

Further to the task. JOBS AVAILABLE Click on the menu. It will be seen a lot of jobs that can be done. Look at the column DONE if there is written 20/50, meaning 50 jobs were available for Workers and new work by 20 Workers. So we can do. See again the next line egg 13/15. Better not  because we have to race with other Workers.
Next Click one of the JOB NAME.

After Click the Job is selected, the task will appear as above. You should carefully read the job description. Because in English, you may need the help of Google Translate. See also the article "What Is Expected From Workers?" That's your job. We only follow the commands such as opening a web page and give a comment on the blog, then click the google ads and so on.

Consider what is needed advertiser that we have been working on the Job. See the article: "Required proof That task was finished?" . This requirement must be provided as evidence that we have been working on the job.

Once we know the task and the conditions, then we decide to do or not. If you can not afford, then click back and search again JOBS AVAILABLE Job others. If you can, select the words "I accept this job (a form will open below)

After a click I Accept This Job, it would appear to form conditioned proof of completion of tasks, as requested. Then click the button at the bottom of the column.
Now, our job is complete, just waiting for an answer is received or rejected. To view it click on the "Task I Finish"
  Have finished our work, we can do well and get a Job Tens Tens of Micro workers free dollars every day. Great opportunities for us here. 

  Not to Join?. Simply Register Here. Free. After that look at the instructions and procedure for execution of tasks on top. Thank you.